Spring Summer 2022 collection

From casualwear to the most innovative fashion, discover all the styles for bellwood men and women.

Relaxed Elegance

Photo from the Relaxed Elegance collection.
Refined sophistication without sacrificing comfort. With its fusion of fabrics that enhance natural beauty and its fluid silhouettes, the relaxed elegance style allows every bellwood man and woman to express their sophistication and unique refinement with ease and simplicity.


Photo from the Econature collection.
Style that's good for the skin and for nature. The softness and high quality of pure cashmere are the soul of this natural line, free of chemical treatments and in natural colours that exalt the elegance of the bellwood man and woman in full respect of nature and the health of our skin.


Photo from the Leisurestyle collection.
A style that perfectly balances fashion and function, satisfying all the everyday needs of bellwood men and women who choose to express their personality with sophisticated and comfortable clothing, even during their free time.

Smart Casual

Photo from the Smart Casual collection.
The perfect fusion of versatility, comfort and elegant details, designed for bellwood men and women perfectly at ease in everyday life – without ever being conventional.


Photo from the Overfit collection.
Style as a refined, versatile and contemporary source of beauty. The comfortable bellwood fit meets innovative, select handcrafted fabrics worked with the most state-of-the-art techniques to create eclectic, elegant and functional silhouettes.

Fall Winter 21/22 collection

Man Woman

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