A passion for knitwear, between quality and sustainability

Quality is our production philosophy. We have always selected the best natural yarns for high-end knitwear for men and women.

The bellwood brand

With its unmistakable style, bellwood is a brand that proposes a fashion philosophy based on contemporary styles and high-quality raw materials.

With its perfect balance of innovation, artisan tradition and style, bellwood speaks to an evolved and contemporary consumer, evoking art and culture through its sophisticated lines and creative concepts.

Our yarns

Bellwood garments are all made from exclusively Italian yarns. Our luxurious natural fibres include cashmere, extra fine merino wool, silk and pure wool, as well as linen and pure cotton.

In both the winter and summer collections, we only use the finest selections of yarns. To enhance the qualities of each yarn, we also create particularly versatile and exclusive compositions and blends.

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We pursue a philosophy of natural and sustainable quality through the use of natural fibres and careful and direct management of the entire production chain, from the selection of raw materials to the finished garment, guided by the principle of respect for the environment and for man.

Econature is bellwood's mantra: we consider knitwear to be our customers' second skin. Wearing bellwood clothing means having a luxurious, natural garment on your skin, created with the least possible number of treatments.

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